Virtual Drum Battle JAPAN 2021 Elementary

Let's aim to improve the level of individuals by entering each class!

You can participate according to your age and playing level!

Let's practice while watching the explanation video of the assignment score!



Participation recruitment, participation fee payment,

video submission

Qualifying Judge

Main battle vote


Until March 31,


Started April 1, 2021

Started May 1,


Assignment song explanation video

Click here for the Elementary explanation video

Assignment song score

Click here to download the assignment song

Assignment song BGM

Click here to download the Turkish March BGM of the assignment song

Assignment song model performance

Click here for the Elementary class assignment song model performance video

How to choose equipment

How to choose stick & practice pad OnePoint

Description of musical score symbols

About the meaning and expression of musical score notation "Notation"

Entry fee

1,000 yen(PayPal)

Participation application form Click here to download VDB participation application
Participation method and precautions for shooting
Please shoot on the horizontal screen. It is also possible to shoot only the practice pad.

You can also participate by nickname. 


Please send the recorded video data to the following address.


* If the video data size is large, please use the data sharing service or the file transmission function of Dropbox.


* At that time, if the video data capacity is large, please use data compression or data sharing service.


Qualifying tournaments will be held with all participants in the relevant class until the best 16 people are reached.

For qualifying, please vote for the top 3 participants from the relevant group.

After deciding the best 16 players, the spectators will see the performance videos of 2 opponents per game.

Please vote for the player who was fascinated.

Voting is limited to once per person. It's your vote to decide the winner!

Use "GoogleForm" for voting.


◆ Benefits for all participants

  Mr. Okubo, who is in charge of general supervision, will send one-point advice comments to all participants.



◆ Class and age winner benefits

 1. A digital certificate of commendation will be presented to the winner.

2. Players up to 3rd in each age category and class

A special article was published in the marching band magazine "Marching Express 21".


3. An advanced class championship match will be held at 2021 Marching in Okayama.