Virtual Drum Battle


  JAPAN 2021




You can battle with percussionists from all over the world!

Virtual Drum Battle will begin!


About VDB

There are 4 age divisions.

[By age, you can participate according to your skill!]

 4 divisions of U-12, U-15, U-18, OPEN

 [Age at the time of application for participation will be the standard]

There are 5 classes: Beginner, Elementary,Intermediate, Intermediate +, Advanced

Introductory class and beginner class will be performed according to the BGM of "Turkish March" for 30 seconds.

Please check Mr. Okubo's video for a guideline for participating classes.

* The set-piece is Turkish March for 30 seconds. You need to play it with the music playing in the background for the beginner and elementary classes.

For the intermediate and advanced classes, you need to play the set piece for 30 seconds without music in the background and a free program for 30 seconds. The performances need to be recorded and submitted on two separate videos.

You can see the technique videos by Mr. Kenji Okubo, as the general supervisor, from the below link for the standards of each class.

The rules and assignment songs for each participating class can be found on the "MarchingExpress21" channel below.


↓ Participating class and assignment song "MarchingExpress21" channel ↓


"MarchingExpress21" YouTube address


↓ Improvement video that can be used for daily practice ↓

Improvement video "I-Language-Drum" [Kenji Okubo]YouTube channel

○ On Kenji Okubo's "I-Language-Drum" channel,

It can also be used to improve the skills of VDB competitions, and can also be used as a teaching material for daily practice and improvement.

We hope that you will watch the video and use it for VDB competitions and daily practice.

* Payment uses PayPal.

The secretariat will read the application form and send a deposit email according to the currency and country of the participant to the email address.

About the class, category, and set-piece 

Beginner: For those who recently started to play

Elementary: BPM 144, Closed (buzz) stroke, etc.

Intermediate: BPM 158, quintuplet, sextuplet, paradiddle, etc.

Intermediate +: BPM 180, Hi-mon, variable octuplet, back stick, etc.

Advanced: BPM 192,Hi-mom, toss, flam drag, flam five, etc.


* The copyright of the VDB tournament is owned by the VDB tournament organizer.

Secondary use such as copying, diversion, and sale of the provided information and videos is strictly prohibited without the permission of the right holder.

Main event: VIRTUAL Drum Battle Project
Co-sponsored by: MarchingExpress21
(Rainbow Project Co., Ltd.)
Nihon Pulse Co., Ltd.
General supervision: Kenji Okubo Advisor: Yuji Nakamura
Supported by: Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd.
Pearl Drums Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Dynasty Japan Co., Ltd.
Nonaka BOEKI Co., Ltd.
Hoshino Gakki Co., Ltd.
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Official Supporter: Drum Corps International